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Flue gas fan Artel
Article number: 410022
Silicone tube between smoke pipe and pressostat on pellet stove.
Safety thermostat LS1
Safety thermostat with manual reset 90/110 °C 1500 mm with 3 contakts.
Firepot Krone
The width of this cup is 105 mm in the bottom.
Artel IPC burn cup
Burner cup to Artel IPC built-in stoves
Foot Artel stoves
Suitable for Artel pellet stoves.
Thermostat Cable temperature sensor
Artel S, M, L, SL models.
Pressure switch Honeywell
Artel S-M (6-8): Room Fan (410004T)
Room fan for Artel's smaller stoves.
Silicone seal for inspection hatch (410133)
Gasket for inspection hatches. Size: 133 * 83 mm.
Silicone gasket flue gas fan
Older fan model (410104)
Silicone gasket flue gas fan
New fan model (419900)
Artel 12/16 Data Card
Suitable for example to Artel 12 ducht connection and Artel 16 idro.
Artel 12/16 ignition element
Length: about 148-150 mm in total.
Artel Flue gas fan
Fits 6, 8, 12, 16, 20.
Arte12 room fan / duct fan
Replaces former Article 410017.
Artel 12 Burn cup
Burner cup for Artel's larger stoves. The burners can vary slightly in appearance, but what is...
Artel S-M (6-8) Burn cup cast iron
Burn pot for Artels small and medium-sized stoves. Burn The cups can vary slightly in appearance,...
Artel S-M (6-8) Burner cup
Burner cup for Artel's smaller stoves. Replaces item number 410035.
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