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Burn cup 4703108
Steel brazier for hermetic stoves 8kW. Measurements of the perforated base 98 mm x 58 mm.
Power supply module 410011
Power supply module including fuse holder. It is used to power the stove. Each power supply...
Display 411301
Duepi display with three buttons, compatible with all air stoves with 410615 board. 16-pole...
Display 410002LCD
Six-key Micronova display with LCD backlight compatible with all 411300LCD and 410001B cards with...
Bronze bushing 410065BR
Bronze screw feeder with 16 mm internal diameter.
Room fan Artel 411202
Tangential fan trial THS27B6-011.
Room fan Artel 450208
Room fan of the THS24B6-017 Trial compatible with all pellet stoves. Technical features: - Width...
Flue gas fan Artel
Article number: 410022
Silicone tube between smoke pipe and pressostat on pellet stove.
Safety thermostat LS1
Safety thermostat with manual reset 90/110 °C 1500 mm with 3 contakts.
Pipe for ignition element Artel  410151
Igniter holder tube for 18kW and 22 kW stoves produced before 2016. Total length 144mm and an...
Firepot Krone 105mm
The width of this cup is 105 mm in the bottom.
Artel IPC burn cup
Burner cup to Artel IPC built-in stoves
Foot Artel stoves
Suitable for Artel pellet stoves.
Thermostat Cable temperature sensor
400239 Artel S, M, L, SL models.
Pressure switch Honeywell
Artel  Room Fan (410004T)
Room fan for Artel's smaller stoves.
Silicone seal for inspection hatch (410133)
Gasket for inspection hatches. Size: 133 * 83 mm.
Silicone gasket flue gas fan
Older fan model (410104)
Silicone gasket flue gas fan
New fan model (419900)
Artel 12/16 Data Card
Suitable for example to Artel 12 ducht connection and Artel 16 idro.
Artel 12/16 ignition element
Length: about 148-150 mm in total.
Artel Flue gas fan
Fits 6, 8, 12, 16, 20.
Arte12 room fan / duct fan
Replaces former Article 410017.
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